Smarter connectivity.
Better value.

Size, use and buy your network connectivity in a smarter, easier, cheaper and more sustainable way.

Cost Savings
on connectivity managed
through the Conncert platform
Faster Delivery
leveraging wireless connectivity
solutions like 4G, 5G and LEO
Operational Time Savings
through automation and
data driven actionable insights
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Gain back control of your network costs.

Understand what you are using and what's driving your costs. Right source your network by benchmarking and procuring your connectivity from suppliers that match your sourcing criteria and corporate values.

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Map and flag risks before they turn into issues.

By mapping your assets we provide you an efficiency score of your network. This allows us to point out data inconsistencies, missing contract information, business continuity risks, user performance degradations, cost saving opportunities, and much more.

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Get ready for whatever is coming next.

Modernizing a network is a case of opportunity versus risk. It’s your only way to fully unleash and achieve your digital ambitions.We facilitate your journey to modern networks (SD-WAN, SASE, ZTNA, 5G, Cloud, AIOps,...). No matter where you are, we provide guidance and support throughout your transformation journey taking your priorities and ambitions into account.

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Build trust in your data.

Empower your existing data sources to ensure complete, consistent and accurate insights that help you take informed decisions.

1. Data Import

Easily connect your existing data sources (site information, CMDB, contracts, monitoring tools, orchestrators, ...) to the Conncert platform.

Connect the way you want, using the tools you want.

2. Normalise, Optimise & Enrich

Our proprietary data analytics platform empowers your data and generates efficiency scores of your usage and contracts.

3. Insights & Advisory

Start improving your network.We provide actionable insights that optimize costs, complexity, risks and your digital carbon footprint. Conncert increases your agility, control and innovation. We guide you through the whole process. From efficiency gain identification to execution.

Unlike telecom or service providers, Conncert is technology, telco and MSP agnostic.

Our Partners

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Where we can help.

Cost Savings

Wisely managed networks and contracts increase profit by decreasing the spend. Contract lifecycle management, modern networks and operational excellence are enablers to reduce your overall IT spend.

Connectivity Sourcing

Sizing and selecting the right connectivity options and providers is crucial to get the right capacity, performance, resiliency and price for your remote locations. Add solutions like 4G, 5G, LEO (Low Earth Orbit like Starlink) to your connectivity portfolio to bring agility and improved user experience.

Modern Networks

Modern networks like SD-WAN and SASE operate more efficiently, are more secure, deliver instant scalability, dramatically better performance and reduce significant costs.

Operational Excellence

AIOps and observability tools are essential to reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency, reduce IT spend and drive digital transformation.

Service Assurance

Service assurance ensures that services offered over your network meet a predefined service quality level for an optimal end-user and digital experience.

Technical Debt

Technical debt isn't visible, but who ignores it often pays the price. From lost productivity, downtime and the loss of data, through to security incidents. Letting IT debt accumulate results in detrimental impact to business growth.

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"Our ambition is not to help enterprises transform and then letting them go (even though they always have the option to step out). We see ourselves as trusted advisors, coaches, and mentors. It’s about becoming the partner in life to operational and service excellence."

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